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New Profile Posts

  1. wenus030
    My name is Anna Wall and I live in Bilbao, Spain.
  2. Jordankite
    Looking for a evo 8 / 9
  3. Carl evo 4
    Carl evo 4
    New to the evo scene
  4. Will2
    been bloody ages since i logged on here ....alles gud
  5. masterq123
  6. Roger
    Needed! F/N/S headlamp for evo 8. Also silver bonnet and bumper if anyone can help
  7. big tom
    big tom
    Have for sale reg No P131 EVO please let me know if anyone intrested
  8. Abubakr
  9. Joelraw
    Any one got evo 9 rear lights and bigger turbo for sale pm me thanks
  10. manuks
  11. ste53123
  12. ste53123
  13. Boomer
    Looking for an evo for 6K, what can i expect to get for my money?
  14. Eashan Khan
    Eashan Khan
    If I paint my intercooler what will happen?
  15. qamer mahmood
    qamer mahmood
    Can anyone help me wid my evo 8 reg EV04JCB im after some info on the car whats the miles/mods dyno and if there was any issues etc thanks
  16. qamer mahmood
    qamer mahmood nikp
    hi buddy sorry for being a pain can you pls help me out with this evo pls im having serious doubts of the work done to the car and i dont want to go down the road where i think its had certain mods done and then it pops and cost another 10k to fully forge it, also i believe you have had this car mapped previously can you share some light on this pls also my number is 07813211746 if you wish to send a txt
  17. qamer mahmood
    qamer mahmood nikp
    hi there i have recently brought a evo 8 in black reg EV04JCB do you know this vehicle as i have tried to find some information on it on the forum and someone great guy is trying to help me, basically i have brought it and the guy i got it off seemed dodgy but after 4hrs of travelling i got it and hasve this bad feeling that there is something im going to find nasty about the car can you help
  18. Steve91
    My 6 has started to make a rubbing/whining noise on turns only happens after ive drove a few miles any1 have any ideas what it could be??
  19. Charlie James
    Charlie James
    Wanted Vortex Generator for Evo 4
  20. Deanoevo