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how to fill up with fuel 7,8,9

Discussion in 'How To' started by fq-craigus, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Jul 24, 2010
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    it has come to light tonight that there are strangly enough some people out there who actually dont know how to fill up with fuel or are slightly confused when it comes to putting fuel in.

    lady in front of me tonight put petrol in her diesel car oops, i did help push her out the way so i could go ahead and fill up though, good deed done for the day, so here it is

    on the 7,8,9 you will find a lever in the drivers footwell that you will need to pull lightly until you hear a click, this is the fuel compartment flap opening. you should now be positioned so your rear quarter is in line with the pumps you are about to use.

    make your way round to the nearside of the car and unscrew the petrol cap (righty tighty left loosy) usually the middle of the 3 pumps remove the v-power nozzle from the holder and insert into the hole in teh side of the car where the cap unscrewed from, pull the trigger once to start the annoying beep inside the petrol station to signal the idiot behind the counter to press a button, when the display reads 00.00 pull the trigger and begine fuelling, release the trigger when you have reached desired amount or the limit to which you have change to cover the cost in the car, when complete reklease trigger, remove nozzle and replace where you found it, screw on the cap and close the flap, now go pay for fuel.

    hope this is helpful


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