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Just joined

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Evosick, Feb 15, 2017.


Colour combo for Bonnet/boot

  1. A69 Silver with bmw Carbon black

  2. A69 Silver with Audi Daytona grey

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  1. Evosick

    Evosick New Member

    Feb 15, 2017
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    Hey guys just signed up thought I'd introduce my evo before a quick browse.

    E6 stage 2 380hp owner and currently doing lots to maintaince and upgrade due to a spun rod and broken block.

    Doing some diy work until it's sent off to my tuner.

    Interior retrim revive
    Door cards/Roof lining to alcantara
    All trim to be plasti dipped (properly)
    Some hydro dipped bits
    Ideally some race spec seats.

    Currently to fit:

    Engine rebuild 2.3 stroker kit
    Cosworth 272/280 cams
    Uprated springs ti retainers
    Valves and guides
    3mm lash solid lifters
    Cosworth gasket kit
    Cosworth kevlar timing kit/balance
    Wiseco stroker pistons 85.5mm
    Manely Forged rods 150mm
    Genuine 4G64 crank
    4G63 bare block
    HKS slide cam gears

    Replace every bolt for ARP kit
    Includes ;
    Cam tower bolts
    Cam gear sprocket bolts
    Crank bolt flywheel bolts
    Rods etc.

    Finally car will get full body/under carriage overhaul.

    With some 9J wheel option staying 17"


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