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Maxspeedingrods Corrdination for your tuning shop

Discussion in 'Evo Chat' started by Rinmike, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Rinmike

    Rinmike New Member

    Mar 23, 2015
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    To Gain more customers
    To get more sales
    To broaden your business in local
    Just join us now!
    To be partner of maxpeedingrods,creat a win-win situation.
    According to the following steps:
    1.Gain more customers
    We will introduce our customers who bought the products from us to your tuning shop and modify their cars.You could charge their modification fee.
    2.Free product display
    We will provide products to display in your tuning shop for free,and you get the profit for sales.
    3.Accept Deferred Payments
    Payment could be cleared after selling our products whintin 60 days
    Modification picture or videos,technical appraisals are expedted to be provided,and recycling of used products is needed.
    Get details: http://www.maxpeedingrods.com/seek-long-term-partner.html

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